Hastilow and Sons Bamburgh Dressage Saddle 17.5" on an adjustable Bio Simatree


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The Bamburgh Dressage Saddle

This close contact saddle has a deep soft supported seat with a forgiving block that positions the leg comfortably for all riders. The panel is closer contact felt with a flock layer to enable custom panel adjustment. The ghost stitch allows the knee pad to settle to the riders leg and mold around the knee roll. It also comes with adjustable girth selections allowing custom girth positions. With an extremely soft feel and ride-ability of the flap leather, it gives extra durability with a guard strip to prevent wear.

Andrew Hastilow is the Owner of Hastilow & Sons, having been the Senior Master Saddler at Hastilow Competition Saddles and was the designer and developer of the new saddle lines. He completed his apprenticeship with his father in his Walsall company, then joined the Parkes Group as a Master Saddler. Andrew went to Australia working for a Saddlery Co then returned to join Hastilows. He has had many wins in the Society of Master Saddlers Saddlery Competition and has been designing and producing saddles for 30 yrs, he is a Master Saddler and also a Qualified Saddle Fitter.

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