Hastilow and Sons

Andrew Hastilow is the owner of Hastilow & Sons, having been the Senior Master Saddler at Hastilow Competition Saddles and was the designer and developer of the new saddle lines. He completed his apprenticeship with his father in his Walsall company, then joined the Parkes Group as a Master Saddler. Andrew went to Australia working for a Saddlery Co then returned to join Hastilows. He has had many wins in the Society of Master Saddlers Saddlery Competition and has been designing and producing saddles for 30 yrs, he is a Master Saddler and also a Qualified Saddle Fitter.

Hastilow's collection of beautiful, custom saddles are available either on the Bio Simatree, the adjustable tree found in Fairfax saddles or on traditional laminated wood spring trees.
Below are some photos of a couple of the beautiful Hastilow and Sons saddles that we have in stock. All saddles can be fully customised to fit both horse and rider and are available either plain and traditional or with that added bit of colour and luxury. Please contact us to find out more or to book a fitting and look on our store pages to see more detail about each model.