The Cavaletti Collection offers a range of individually designed saddles made from the finest leathers to suit all riders and disciplines. They all feature a unique interchanging gullet system with 6 optional widths. They offer quality, comfort and performance at an affordable price. Not everybody has a huge budget to buy a new saddle therefore offering affordable prices was one of their key aims when bringing the brand to market. They also offer graded options should you be searching for a more affordable 2nd hand saddle.

So, after taking in all the above, the fact is you can now select a new or used Cavaletti saddle off our website and trial it for 14 days with no commitment, if after the 14 days trial you are not happy, call or email us to arrange sending back the saddle. Giving you peace of mind and assurance. 

Cavaletti also offer a range of leatherwork and accessories to complement your Cavaletti Collection saddle. We will be adding these products over the next couple of days for you.

Cavaletti Collection GP Saddle
Cavaletti Collection Jump Saddle
Cavaletti Collection Dressage Saddle
Cavaletti Collection Show Saddle