Saddle consultation including one horse (one saddle) – Initial Fee 
(Travel distance dependent)
Each additional horse (same owner - one saddle) 
£60 to £85

Saddle consultation for one horse (one saddle) – Existing Customer
(Travel distance dependent)
Each additional horse (same owner - one saddle) -
£50 to £70

Additional saddle charge in addition to the above ( saddles which are provided by customer to be checked / assessed, not those being trialed) -£20
Mileage charge in addition to your consultation fee -
Split between all appointments within your area
£1.00 /mile one way only

Yard discounts are also available, please discuss this upon booking.

All very minor flocking alterations done onsite are within your consultation fee, and there is no additional charge. More significant additions / alterations are charged for in addition to the fitting fee.

Full reflocks involve taking the saddle apart and stripping out the old flocking and replacing with new wool flocking, The price for this ranges from £120 to £150 and will only be carried out in the workshop, a return visit will be charged for most longer distance deliveries back or we can arrange for you to come to meet us.

Partial reflocks are also sometimes carried out in the workshop vs on site and charges start from £45 to £75.

Reflocking will only be undertaken as part of a saddle consultation. In order to ensure the saddle is flocked correctly, the saddle must go through the checks performed in the saddle evaluation. This is to ensure it is not over or under flocked for the horse in question. Either can result in pressure points, and be uncomfortable for the horse. It is important to point out that the amount of flocking that can be added is constrained by the depth and shape of the panels. Please remember, flock can only fill the vacuum allowed by the leather! Adjustments can be made but miracles cannot be performed when a saddle does not fit! Stuffing panels full of wool to their maximum capacity results in an overfull, hard, uncomfortable saddle for your horse and this will not be done.