Simplicity Equine is owned and run by Juliette Auld who is a Fully Qualified, Registered and insured Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitter. qualified and Registered members of the Society of Master Saddlers, must be fully qualified. This entails passing an introduction to saddle fitting course, 3 years of training working in the saddlery industry or as a mentee of a qualified member, a final training course, exam and assessment in saddle re flocking and adjustments, then a rigerous final course and practical examination in saddle fitting. Members must be paid up and attend bi annual refresher courses as well as carry out significant amounts of relevant annual CPD (continuing professional development) which can include ongoing study, training and observation with other equine professions such as vets, vet physios and farriers.

Juliette has 16 years’ experience saddle-fitting and 12+ years of those are since qualifying with the Society of Master Saddlers in 2008. Juliette is dedicated to ensuring that she remains at the forefront of knowledge with regards to saddle, girth and saddle pad fitting in order to provide the best possible service. Juliette's qualifications and CPD (continuing professional development) include -

Ongoing Equine Studies in Anatomy and Physiology - 1992 to 2002
Equine Touch Advanced Body Worker - Qualified in 2003
Society of Master Saddlers Introduction to Saddle Fitting Course - 2006
North American Saddle Fitters Course in reflocking - 2007
Stubben saddle fitting course - 2007
Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter Course and Assessment - Qualified 2008 
British Horse Society Stage 1 in Complete Horsemanship - 2018
British Horse Society - Safeguarding Qualification - 2018
British Horse Society Stage 2 Foundation Groom Qualification - 2019
British Horse Society Qualified First Aider - 2019
City and Guilds Level 2 Work Based Diploma in Horse Management & Riding - 2019
Equine Back and Gait Biomechanics course in relation to saddle fit  (Centaur Biomechanics) - 2019
Society of Master Saddlers Saddle reflocking and adjustments course and examination - 2020 (To update 2007 course sat in the USA)
British Horse Society Stage 3 Care and Lunge Qualification - 2020

Having ridden since the age of 4 and competed successfully at County Level and National Championships, in 2000 Juliette started training and then worked from 2002 as an Equine Touch Advanced Body Worker in the UK.  Juliette moved to Alberta, Canada in early 2003 and was horrified at the number of horses that she came across with badly fitting saddles and the damage and issues caused by them. She made the decision to train as a saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers (UK) in order to be able to offer custom saddles and remedial saddle fitting, as well as quality used saddles and re flocking services. She started her training in saddle fitting, working closely with Hastilow Competition Saddles and Black Country Saddles, qualifying in 2008. Also during this time running a successful saddlery along side, selling everything equine!
Juliette is lucky to have trained and worked with some of the best Master Saddlers and Saddle Fitters from the Society of Master Saddler's in both the UK and USA. Andrew and Ian Hastilow, Kay Hastilow (no relation!), Annette Gavin and Laurence Pearman, Fellow of the SMS. She was an authorised dealer and saddle fitter for Black Country Saddles, Hastilow Competition Saddles, Fairfax, Selleria Equipe, Stubben, The Saddle Company and GFS. She is also a fully trained FLAIR adjuster and was an authorised fitter and dealer for WOW saddles.

Juliette is privileged to work closely with Andrew and Frank Hastilow of Hastilow and Sons, whom have won many awards for their beautiful saddles and workmanship, with Frank being awarded a lifetime achievement award for his services to the saddlery profession.

Juliette has and is happy to work closely with vets, physios and therapists, working to rehabilitate horses.

Juliette has given many talks on the importance of good saddle fitting and run saddle fitting clinics for the Canadian Pony Club and other equestrian organisations in Canada. Also exhibiting and carrying out on site saddle checks and fittings for 4 years at the Spruce Meadows Canadian Masters and National International Showjumping Events. With her combination of equestrian knowledge and riding experience she provides a quality, professional service ensuring you and your horse are both comfortable, with a correctly fitted saddle. She has worked with all types of horse and rider from total beginner to Grand Prix level. Happy Hackers to Top Level Show Jumpers and Eventers. Thoroughbreds off the track, to the rather well fed family pony!

Now based in the UK, working with you Juliette can provide a professional, comprehensive saddle fitting service at your own premises or at Hyperion Equestrian Centre near Exeter (by appointment). The appointment will include Juliette assessing  the horse and rider for saddle fit and riding / performance requirements, this will involve an analysis of the horses gait and overall conformation and condition; the horses back, wither and girth area will be assessed in more depth and the existing saddle, girth and pads will be checked for fit, condition and safety. After checking the saddle and girthing up, if your existing saddle appears to fit well enough, or a new / used saddle is selected for you to try, you will then be required to do a ridden assessment in order to see the saddle/s working with the horse and rider. This will include a visual and videoed analysis of your saddles position and balance as well as it's impact on your own position and balance. Observations and recommendations will be recorded and templates of the horse will be taken for future records, all of which are available upon request. As well as recommending any potential purchases of new or used saddles for you and your horse, Juliette is happy to work with your coach, ensuring your development as a rider is taken into account, in line with your training goals.

Juliette can offer a selection of quality used saddles as well as new saddles, including beautifully crafted custom saddles from Hastilow and Sons, Bliss Saddles of London, and Silhouette Saddlery. She also sells the very price competitive, quality line of Cavaletti Saddles.
She is also more than happy to come and check your existing saddle or another used saddle that you may be looking to purchase from elsewhere or move to another horse. If she does not have what you are looking for or what your horse needs, she will not just sell you the next best fit, she will tell you and is happy to source one that will suit your requirements.
In addition, Juliette can make flocking adjustments and carry out full reflocks to most brands of wool flocked saddles, though most full reflocks are carried out in her workshop versus on site. Most saddlery repair work can also be arranged as Juliette works with Andrew Hastilow and his team on a regular basis in their workshop. All full reflocks include a full safety check and tree assessment of the saddle any very minor repairs are included free of charge, but other repairs such as replacement girth straps are charged for separatley.

If you have any questions, would like to book a saddle fit /check or would like to discuss anything saddle related with Juliette, please contact her on 07891 446772.